Sunday, November 21, 2010

Radiesse Wrinkle Filler

RadiesseTM is a safe, biocompatible, biodegradable, injectable filler approved by the FDA  in December 2006 for the correction and filling for moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles. It is also used for cheek enhancement, replacing volume loss in the mid-face, hands and other areas.

RADIESSE wrinkle filler consists of smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres that are suspended in a water-based gel carrier. Over time, as your own soft tissue replaces the gel carrier, and newly formed collagen provides the desired long-term effect. These unique advantages make RADIESSE filler treatments the ideal choice to fill moderate to severe wrinkles. This immediate and long lasting correction of facial wrinkles makes RADIESSE wrinkle filler the natural choice.
Women or men who have facial wrinkles and folds common with aging and volume loss are candidates for Radiesse. Radiesse is much more cost-effective when you consider that it lasts on average twice the length of time as Juvederm or Restylane. In addition, there is more filler in the Radiesse syringe (1.5 mL of Radiesse vs 0.8 mL and 1.0 mL with Juvederm and Restylane respectively).

Radiesse is gently injected into the skin in small amounts with a very fine needle. Its exclusive calcium-based microsphere technology contains tiny particles that form a scaffold around which the body is stimulated to produce new collagen. This unique response provides immediate, visible improvement of folds and wrinkles, while the body's own collagen naturally restores a fuller, more youthful appearance that keeps patients looking better even longer. Radiesse's tiny microspheres gradually break down into calcium and phosphate ions that are naturally taken up by the body over time.
Radiesse is not recommended for use in enlarging/enhancing the lips. Dr. Bell usually prefers  Juvederm or Restylane for lip rejuvenation. Since Radiesse has no anesthetic in the product Dr. Bell recommends that patients have a "dental block" before they receive an injection of Radiesse.  She uses a technique that is similar to that used by dentists when giving "Novocaine" for dental work. This "block" is identical to that used before injecting Juvederm or Restylane, and using a block allows virtually pain-free placement of Radiesse. Dr. Bell provides this "dental block" at the time of treatment, and it is included in the price of a Radiesse injection. 

The results with Radiesse can be seen immediately. As with any filler treatment or injectable there may be some bruising for a few days. Makeup usually adequately covers most bruising and patients are able to go about their normal daily routine. While this bruising may be minor, patients do need to be aware of it and not schedule treatments within a week of important events.
We recommend that patients avoid aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (i.e. ibuprofen, Advil, naproxen), vitamin E, or St. John's Wort for 1-2 weeks prior to receiving any filler injectable treatment. This is because these medications can increase bruising. If your physician has prescribed any of these medications such as aspirin please consult with them before you stop.

For more information about Radiesse or other dermal fillers, call Plush Medical Spa at 334-702-6869 to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Bell.

RADIESSE Dermal Filler

  • Delivers immediate correction
  • Typically requires only one treatment for optimal results for most patients (a touch-up may be required)
  • Stimulates the body to produce new collagen over time
  • Results last up to a year or more for many patients
  • Reduces the need for re-treatment
  • More cost-effective for many patients
  • Soft, natural-looking results that feel like the patient's own tissue
  • Primary component is identical in composition to the mineral portion of bones and teeth
  • Contains no human- or animal-derived components
  • Virtually no risk of allergic reaction
  • Does not require sensitivity testing prior to treatment

~ SPECIAL THROUGH March 31st, 2011 ~

Radiesse 1.5 mL $495 (reg $650)