Sunday, May 1, 2011

Perfect Your Eyebrows!

    Eyebrow grooming is one of the most important steps that go into making you look great. A well-shaped set of eyebrows can completely alter your look. Take you to the levels of chic and sophisticated from unkempt and primal. A different brow shape also means a different permanent expression, and a good shape implies a good permanent expression. Many people overlook the fundamentals and importance of well-groomed eyebrows and consequently 
lessen the impact of their total look. Don't be an Eyebrow victim! 

   The best way to get the perfect eyebrows for your face shape is to have your brows shaped by the expert estheticians at Plush Medical Spa. We'll shape your brows perfectly every time for only $15. We also perform eyebrow ($15) and eyelash ($20) tinting. Tint lasts 2 weeks and comes in several colors, allowing you to have amazing looking lashes and eyebrows even when you're not wearing makeup! For a complete list of Plush's services Visit Our Services page at
     Plush also carries the full line of Jane Iredale cosmetics, including all the brow powders, gels, waxes, pencils, brushes, spoolies, and kits discussed below! You'll need some of these to maintain your perfect brows at home.
     For those that insist on grooming their eyebrows themselves from the get-go, we have the following helpful tips...
     Eyebrows can change the entire look of your face, depending on the shape, width, color and length. The best guideline for do-it-yourself maintenance is to stick with the shape you were born with. Although eyebrow trends can range from thin to thick to nearly nonexistent, it’s best to keep these varying looks for the fashion runways.

     Using an eyebrow brush or spoolie (looks like the end of a mascara wand), brush eyebrows upward and out. Carefully trim any stray hairs with a scissor. Brush hairs back into place. 
     For shape, the eyebrows should start where the inner corner of your eye starts. Hold a pencil vertically against the nose to the inner corner of the eye. Where the pencil hits the eyebrow is where your brow should start. Tweeze any hairs that lay inside of that area, and also in between the brows.
     Next, determine the highest point of your arch. Using the pencil, hold it diagonally against your nostril and “connect” it to the outer edge of the iris, or the colored part of the eye. Where the pencil touches your brow is where the highest point of the arch should be. Pluck from the bottom edge to create your shape.
     Finally, use the same pencil trick again and hold it from your nostril to the outer edge of the eye. The point where the brow touches the pencil is where the brow should end.
     Remember to tweeze sparingly, and stop after a few hairs to inspect your work. A couple of hairs here and there can make a huge difference, and you want to make sure your brows are still even. Don’t tweeze from the bulk of the hair, which could result in uneven patches.

     If you need to fill in your brows, choose a pencil or powder closest to your natural hair color. For fair blondes, choose a color that is slightly darker than your natural color. If you are using an eyebrow pencil, draw light, feathery strokes in the direction of the hair. However, the preferred method is to use a powder and a small, stiff and slanted eyebrow brush. Dip the brush in the powder and fill in the brows starting from the inner corner working outward. 

     We highly recommend Jane Iredale's Brow Kits! They come Blonde or Brunette varieties with 3 shades of brow powder to best match your brow color, a brow wax, an angled brow wax brush, a small metal tweezer and a double-ended angled brow brush and spoolie! Or try the smaller Bitty Brow Kits (pictured left) in Blonde or Brunette. They come with a single brow wax and brow powder with a 2 small angled brow brushes and a small spoolie brush.  AWESOME!
Save the Brows!
     Overzealous tweezing can lead to emaciated brows and bald patches, where hair only grows back irregularly. Use a protein-spiked brow gel to stimulate healthy growth and brow fillers to shade in problem areas. Full brows have been spotted on all the runways and are the hottest trend right now. 
Here are some solutions for common brow problems:

Before and After - Bushy/Likes
The Plan
Trim and shape hairs while lengthening the brow. Use a brow pencil to fortify and extend brows at ends.
The Tools
Eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, mini scissors and slanted tweezer 
How to Groom
1. Brush all hairs upward with an eyebrow grooming brush or dry toothbrush, then use tiny scissors to trim any tips that stick out.
2. Using a slanted tweezer, pluck strays from beneath your brow to help elongate and slim the face. Grab hairs at the base to avoid painful tugging. Follow the natural curve of your eyebrow.

3. Sharpen the shape: Your eyebrow should arch at a spot above the outer edge of your iris. Carefully remove only the stray hairs below the peak—never dig into its middle. For unruly brow hairs, use a brow gel to set your look. At Plush, we love Jane Iredale's Brow Fix & Mascara. (pictured at right), a clear gel in a double-ended tube with a comb at one end and a mascara brush at the other. Use to hold unruly brows in shape or as a mascara for dyed or dark lashes.

The Plan
Fill in overplucked areas. Focus on the uppermost part of brows to create a natural eye-lift effect.
The Tools
Eyebrow stencil, eyebrow pencil and mini scissors 
How to Groom
1. Use an eyebrow stencil to shape an arch with a brow pencil or powder, applying color in small, upward strokes. Press lightly to avoid a drawn-on look, and keep stepping back from the mirror to check your work.
2. Superskinny brows may still have areas to trim. Cut the spiky innermost part of the brow (closest to the nose) to make an even line. Keep up with this technique while growing brows out, too.

The Plan
Deepen sparse or light-colored brows to frame the face.
The Tools
Angled brush, eyebrow powder and eyebrow gel 

How to Groom
1. For a natural look that doesn’t seem drawn on, dip an angled brush—it helps with precision—in a powder shade that closely matches your hair color (for superlight hair, you can go one shade darker). Apply it over the existing hairs to better define brows, then continue to fill in any gaps in the shape.
2. Highlight your work with a clear brow gel or cream. We think the best one is Jane Iredale's PureBrow Gel (pictured below). It's 
colors are ideal for tinting brow hairs the natural way. Formulated with a blend of high-tech sea minerals that condition and protect brow hairs, the gels will make your brows smoother, healthier and more manageable. They also hide gray and will even do double-duty as a light mascara.     

For more info or to schedule an appointment, 
Call us at Plush Medical Spa!
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